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Imagine you are in 2050, in a time when waste no longer exists


So you go to a museum to find out what waste looks like. Because today, in 2050, we have learned to use and manage our resources better by recovering them through virtuous loops, nothing is lost any more, and the very notion of waste is disappearing: it is the reign of the circular economy that has replaced the old, linear economy, based on the old principle of extraction - manufacture - consumption - waste.

Because waste, today in 2021, surrounds us all, everywhere and every day, sometimes hidden, in the atmosphere, in the water, sometimes visible. Every five minutes, one million garments are produced in the world and every second, a whole truckload of clothes is thrown away and only 1% of the clothes are recycled. The same phenomenon applies to the plastics industry as well as to food and many other sectors of the economy where recycling practices are little or not practiced. Beyond this, most of the objects around us are waste in the making.

How did we get from that world to the idyllic one of 2050?

The social impact company LCCE (Luxembourg Center for Circular Economy) has taken the initiative to answer this question and to put this "2050" vision into practice by developing the innovative and unique concept of "The Museum of Waste - The MuD".

The MUD is a pop-up and nomadic museum. Its first edition will be held in the heart of Luxembourg City, rue Genistre. It will raise awareness among all actors of society (citizens, entrepreneurs, decision-makers) on the issue of resources and waste, their implication on climate change and the preservation of biodiversity, all in line with the Government's national "zero waste" and "Circular Economy" strategies. It will raise awareness of the challenges of the circular economy, the new paradigm of our society.

In a user-friendly space, The MUD will offer an immersive experience through an interactive approach.

Opening in November 2021 @JosyWelterHouse

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